Who is Southern Realm Property Management

Southern Realm is a professional property management company providing second-chances to the people of Montgomery, Alabama. We have built our reputation on providing straightforward and honest services to out-of-state and local real estate investors.

At Southern Realm Property Management, we’re not afraid to take risks to save portfolios that are on the brink of foreclosure. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility when it comes to our team. We take pride in changing people’s lives, whether they’re property owners or tenants.

Why Hire Us

At Southern Realm Property Management, we work to achieve our client’s goals, regardless of what they are. We believe in open and honest communication in order to foster good relationships with both property owners and tenants. Our team works hard to uphold our high standards of property management service.

Our reputation in turning around investment portfolios that are struggling or facing foreclosures gives us a competitive advantage over other property management companies in Montgomery. At Southern Realm, our top priority is giving our clients and tenants the utmost level of support.

The team at Southern Realm believes in giving second chances to those in need. For this reason, we work with tenants from Section 8, Veterans Programs, and the Family Sunshine Center. Our qualification process is first-class which allows us to work with those in need.

southern realm property management

Cooper Moseley

General Manager-Rehab/Maintenance Coordinator

Greatest Life Accomplishment - Being the father of my three kids who I absolutely love day in and day out. The honor of being a Dad to them means the world to me.

Greatest Real Estate Accomplishment - Successfully running a family owned business with my dad and making it where every year we grow with leaps and bounds.

Hobbies - Working on and managing hunting properties to provide the best hunting experiences for kids and families. It feels good to know all the hard work that is put into these properties is making memories for families that cross our path.

David Larson

Associate Broker & Business Development

Greatest Life Accomplishment - My growth spiritually is my greatest accomplishment along with me understanding the need for continuous improvement or change for the better. Another accomplishment would be the friendships I have formed including lifelong and new friends.

Greatest Real Estate Accomplishment - Having my own real estate company and doing things by the book, passing inspections from the state commission, and helping people find affordable, up to date, livable homes.

Hobbies - My family, friends, and outdoor activities. I also enjoy traveling.

Carey Moseley


Greatest Life Accomplishments - Putting my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, being married to my best friend who is also one of my business partners, and working with my son day in and day out.

Greatest Real Estate Accomplishment - Running a successful real estate/property management business with my son and several close friends.

Hobbies - Spending time with my family and managing hunting properties. I really enjoy introducing young people to the great outdoors!