Best Areas to Invest in Montgomery

Interested in investing in Montgomery real estate?

Situated next to the Alabama River, the state capital of Alabama is a center of innovation, education, government, and military education. It’s not only school and work in Montgomery either, thanks to the presence of the Montgomery Biscuits and the Montgomery Grey Sox.

As the capital and a regional hub, it’s not news to hear of good tidings from Montgomery. The city is the home of Fortune 500 companies and corporations. Professionals are moving in to take advantage of the job opportunities and the vibrant, strong economy.

Montgomery real estate is also performing well. Property owners can testify to the increased demand for housing in the city. Property has also been appreciating steadily both in and around the city. These are just some of the benefits you stand to gain by investing in property here.

There are no two investors who are the same. Each is held down by different constraints and has different financial goals when it comes to real estate investment. The team at Southern Realm Property Management can confirm this after years of operating in, out, and around Montgomery.

In this article, we’ll present the different Montgomery area options available for the greatest chance at your investment success!

Best Areas and Neighborhoods In and Around Montgomery

Our team at Southern Realm has performed an in-depth analysis of the hottest markets in and around Montgomery. With the rising popularity of the city, the suburbs in Montgomery are now teeming with potential.

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The following are several neighborhoods and cities in the outskirts of the capital that prospective investors should keep an eye on.


The city of Prattville is also known as the “Fountain City” by locals. It’s a fitting nickname, considering the number of wells in the area. The abundance of water in the city was what led to Prattville’s establishment as an industrial center way back in the 1800s.

Despite its industrial history, the neighborhood currently offers a quiet and serene environment to its residents. Its charming atmosphere and community feel is an attraction to young families working in Montgomery. Prattville is close to Montgomery, so in just a few minutes, you can be in the capital.

Weekends in Prattville are buzzing with activities. As a result of its rich history, the city has a number of historical monuments, buildings, industries, and natural attractions. The Pratt Cotton Gin Mill, Prattaugan Museum, and the Cooter’s Pond Park are some of the locals’ favorites.

Prattville is also home to the Capitol Hill Golf Course. For those who don’t know (or are not golf lovers), this is the venue of the Nationwide Tour.

Another attraction of Prattville is its quality of good schools. The Autauga County School System offers a world-class educational experience to the kids in the area.


For most potential investors, a drive through Wetumpka is enough to convince them of the appeal of the area. Well-built properties, the proximity of services, and quality of life are the biggest concerns for investors. We can assure you that the neighborhood of Wetumpka offers both in abundance.

The name Wetumpka has indigenous roots and is believed to be a description of the adjacent Coosa River at the Devil’s Staircase rapids. Despite the name, the rivers and beautiful gardens in the area are its most prominent features. It’s also referred to as the “City of Natural Beauty,” and we very much agree with that.

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In addition to its natural allure, residents love it because of its relaxing atmosphere, friendly community and quality schools. It doesn’t take long for new residents to be charmed by the Southern flair of Wetumpka.


Millbrook is situated between two counties, Elmore and Autauga. For those investors looking for a location that combines urban amenities and the beauty of the natural landscape, then Millbrook is the perfect option for you.

This Montgomery suburb is blessed with natural amenities of different kinds, from lakes to rivers to sprawling plains. Over the weekend, residents come out to enjoy the beautiful sun and relaxing atmosphere.

Investors can also choose to take advantage of the domestic and international tourists who are a common sight in Montgomery. Jackson Lake Island, Town of Specter, and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice are some of the worthwhile mentions in Millbrook.

Instead of choosing the traditional, orthodox means of leasing out property, property owners can opt for short-term vacation rentals. With booking platforms such as Airbnb, Expedia, and, real estate investors can make a good return from their real estate investments.

Bottom Line

Real estate in Montgomery is a standout investment choice. The entry cost is quite affordable, the demand is increasing and the economy is doing well. With the increase in population, landlords can be able to earn that higher return on investment; given they invest wisely and from an informed standpoint.

Decided to invest in Montgomery? The team at Southern Realm Property Management recommends that you consider the following neighborhoods: Prattville, Millbrook, and Wetumpka.

If you have any questions about the housing options available in these locations, don’t hesitate to call the experienced team at Southern Realm! We’re ready to guide you on your path to a solid Montgomery real estate investment.

As the premier real estate company in the area, our approach is different from our competitors. We always seek to offer customer-oriented services, bending our backs to fit the needs of the client.

Southern Realm Property Management will offer you a customized solution according to your investment needs. Get in touch with us today for a transparent and honest conversation on Montgomery real estate.

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