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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Prattville, AL?

If you are, consider hiring Southern Realm Property Management!

Delivering customizable property solutions, Southern Realm offers ethical and sound property management services to its clients.

Established in Montgomery, Alabama, our trusted team focuses on providing second chances. We extend dedication and support to clients who own investment portfolios on the brink of foreclosures. Business transparency is greatly valued and we make this apparent to our clients by continually engaging in honest communication.

Whether you’re a local or out-of-state investor, we see to it that you’ll receive superior customer service. Our focus is on fostering client relationships which enables us to serve you better. You can trust that we’ll take care of your rental homes like our own.

Southern Realm knows how to market your property quickly, screen tenants efficiently, collect rent consistently and attend to property maintenance regularly.

If you want a greater deal of flexibility for your Prattville Alabama rental, we willingly work out a plan according to your unique needs. Contact us now at (334) 239 9903 or email us at srpropmgt@gmail.com. We look forward to designing a customized property management vision with you!

Southern Realm Property Management Services

For clients who want flexibility when it comes to property management services, Southern Realm Property Management can provide that for you. We are hands-on and versatile, customizing our services for our clients’ individual needs. Below is what we bring to the table when handling our clients' valued rental investments:

Marketing of Your Rental Property

marketing prattville property

If attracting prospects for your Alabama property is a weak spot for you, Southern Realm Property Management offers a strong property marketing service.

Using MLS, your Alabama property can easily be viewed by a wide pool of potential tenants. We know how to attract the finest quality renters. We use a mix of online and offline strategies in our property marketing campaigns for the widest coverage.

We understand that a real estate investment can only be profitable as long as it’s occupied. As such, we give Alabama property owners peace of mind by efficiently marketing their rental homes. This leads to consistent returns on their real estate portfolios.

Tenant Screening Process

When it comes to screening tenants for your Alabama rental, we are attentive and selective. Southern Realm Property Management considers this a crucial step since we want property owners to avoid landing a bad tenant.

What constitutes a bad tenant? Someone who doesn’t pay on time or even misses payments. It’s also someone who violates the leasing agreement and creates disturbances in the rental. We target a harmonious environment for everyone living in the rental.

To ease the Alabama property owner’s stress, we are thorough in evaluating prospects. We check for tenant rental history and references while assessing their financial wellbeing. The prospect has to make at least 2.5 times the amount of monthly rent. That said, we still uphold the Fair Housing Act.

Rent Collection

For your Alabama rental property, we take charge of rental collection. With Southern Realm Property Management’s own advanced software, we make this process as efficient as possible. Tenants have multiple options in their hands. They can pay using cash, cheque or money order.

prattville rent collection

The efficiency of rent collection reflects the success of your Alabama real estate investment. As such, we make sure the returns generated from renting your property are steady. If tenants are negligent in their duty to pay on time, we take care of the eviction process.

Property Repairs & Maintenance

Owning your Alabama rental home is not simply a case of allowing renters and becoming passive. Maintaining the rental is vital to nurture long-term tenancy.

Southern Realm Property Management assures our clients that repair and maintenance issues will be handled right away. We are prompt with this service as we know tenants are sensitive to inconveniences. By doing so, we also help retain tenants.

Working with us has the advantage of outstanding resources available to keep up with the rental maintenance. Our two in-house maintenance teams, Moseley Lawn and Construction and Bostic Painting and Consulting, are our partners in making your Alabama rental damage-free.

We internally handle all the landscaping and related services. For heavier property work, we look to our trusted partners for superior project delivery.

Detailed Financial Reporting

For business transparency, Southern Realm Property Management offers a minimum of 2 financial reports each month. We provide useful data on monthly financial profit, expenses and earnings. This gives our clients a screenshot of the performance of their Prattville Alabama rental units.

With the online availability of the Owner’s Portal 24/7, property owners can quickly access the financial information they desire. They don’t need to wait for physical financial report statements to arrive on their desk.

About Prattville, Alabama

Prattville is considered as a county seat of Autauga County. It’s known as the “Fountain City” for its abundance of old-fashioned wells. Prattville was founded in 1839 and named after Daniel Pratt. His vision as both an architect and industrialist steered the town to become a vital industrial center.

Residents find Prattville to be a great place to settle due to its quiet environment and proximity to the city of Montgomery. Historic buildings can be found all over the area. Families looking for good schools will find Prattville to be an ideal location since it’s near various schools and universities.

Prattville also offers a safe and friendly environment, encouraging families to live here. Wonderful restaurants, shops and recreational centers encapsulate this town. The job market is strong, providing its residents with steady employment. Locals in Prattville appreciate the surrounding parks, community events and historic downtown sites.

Here are some interesting places to see in Prattville, Alabama:

Wilderness Park/ Bamboo Forest
Cooter’s Pond Park
The Prattaugan Museum
Pratt Cotton Gin Mill
Autauga Creek Canoe Trail
Capitol Hill Golf Club
Autauga Creek Craft House
Downtown Prattville
Prattville Park
Heritage Park

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

Aside from Prattville, we are proud to serve the areas of Montgomery, Millbrook and Wetumpka.