Flexible Rental Management Services in Montgomery, AL

If you’re looking for flexible property management services, Southern Realm Property Management is here for you. We provide customizable services to local and out-of-state investors to help them achieve their real estate investment goals.

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Our Property Management Services

As a full-service, flexible property management company, Southern Realm can help you with various aspects of managing your rental. This includes marketing your rental, screening prospective tenants, collecting rent, and more.

All of our services are customizable and tailored to meet your individual needs as a property owner, regardless of what they are. The following are some of the services we provide to property owners who work with us:

1. Rental Property Marketing

We use a combination of offline and online marketing tactics to find tenants to fill our client’s vacant units. Our use of traditional yard signs is typically what drives the most traffic to the rental properties we’re marketing. We also list our properties on MLS, which automatically lists them on Zillow and Trulia for those looking for rentals in the local area.

2. Screening Prospective Tenants

At Southern Realm Property Management, we screen prospective tenants using Mr. Landlord. This software allows us to perform credit checks, bankruptcy checks, eviction history checks, and criminal history checks on all prospective tenants. The biggest factor in our screening process is whether or not the tenant has been previously evicted from a rental property.

We work with Section 8 tenants, veterans programs, and the Family Sunshine Center, to give all prospective tenants a chance to rent the properties we manage. At Southern Realm Property Management, we firmly believe in giving everyone a second chance. That being said, our screening process is first-class and ensures that we protect our client’s investments at all costs.

3. Collecting Monthly Rent Payments

We encourage our tenants to make their monthly rent payments through SimplifyEm, which is our preferred method of collection. However, we also accept payments by cash, money order, or cheque. By providing various payment options we make paying rent as convenient and easy as possible for our tenants.

4. Detailed Financial Reports

At Southern Realm Property Management, we provide property managers with a minimum of 2 financial reports each month. We typically send the first at the beginning of the month which provides a complete report of all finances from the previous month. The second we typically send to our clients when sending them rental payments, which is usually around the 15th of the month.

All our monthly financial reports are logged in our online Owner’s Portal, so our clients can access them there as well if they wish. We log all work orders and the invoices that are attached to each order.

5. Regular Maintenance and Repairs

We have two in-house maintenance teams in our office to help maintain the values of the properties that we manage. The first of these is Moseley Lawn and Construction, run by the son of Southern Realm’s owner. The second is Bostic Painting and Consulting. These two companies handle all lawn landscaping, painting, sheetrocking, and more.

When we begin managing a property, we will first inspect them. Whatever does not pass our inspection, we have our in-house maintenance teams fix as soon as possible. For any properties that need rehab, we outsource the work to the reliable companies that we work with and ensure that it is completed well and in a timely matter.

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About Southern Realm Property Management

Southern Realm Property management is a customizable, full-service property management company serving rental property owners in Alabama. We take pride in our reliable services and our reputation for being able to turn around investment portfolios that are in the process of foreclosing. Our team isn’t afraid to take risks in order to change someone’s life.

At Southern Realm we are firm believers in second chances and work with Section 8, Veterans programs, and the Family Sunshine Center to give second chances to as many people as we can. Our services are very flexible and we work collaboratively with property owners to ensure we’re accommodating their needs and creating the perfect service plan for them.

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