7 Amenities Renters Can’t Resist in Montgomery

With its young, vibrant atmosphere and big-city amenities, Montgomery might be the perfect place to rent a property in Alabama.

Montgomery even has several different communities to choose from, so renters have plenty of options when it comes to finding exactly what they’re looking for in their next home.

When it comes to finding a rental property, tenants consider many factors including cost of living, location and amenities. Rental markets are becoming increasingly competitive, which means it's crucial to be aware of what amenities prospective renters are looking for!

As a landlord, it's important to give your tenants everything they need to live comfortably so your best tenants won’t have any reason to leave!

As industry experts, Southern Realm Property Management knows which amenities are most likely to attract quality long-term tenants! Below are seven amenities renters will love in your Montgomery rental property.

Upgraded Kitchen

An updated kitchen is a top priority for tenants because the kitchen is the heart of the home. If your kitchen doesn't have granite countertops or stainless steel appliances, consider upgrading before listing your rental unit.

A kitchen that’s been recently renovated is sure to attract many prospective tenants! Renters associate shiny countertops and clutter-free surfaces with efficiency, cleanliness, and durability. If your rental property has an upgraded kitchen, tenants are much more likely to rent from you.
Kitchen Upgrades
So, if you want to attract quality tenants, investing in an updated kitchen will help set your rental apart from other property listings.

Storage Space and Walk-in Closets

Ensuring your rental property has plenty of storage space in the form of closets and cabinets is a great way to add value to your rental property! Offering a rental unit with ample storage will inspire your best tenants to stick around.

Additionally, including extra cabinets in your rental property will make it stand out from similar units in the area. You can also make your rental property more attractive by investing in a walk-in closet - it’s an amenity renters are sure to love!

As a bonus, you'll be able to charge more for your rental property if it comes with ample storage options!

Well-kept Unit

Our team at Southern Realm Property Management knows that keeping a property well maintained is key to attracting quality tenants.

Take care of landscaping, paint regularly, and fix any small problems right away to make sure that you keep good tenants as long as possible. Cleanliness and a sense of order go a long way in creating an inviting space for your renters.
Montgomery Rental Property
Whether you achieve this through regular maintenance or keeping the area trash-free, we recommend continually striving to make your rental property feel comfortable and inviting. Doing so will keep your tenants happy and enhance your property's value.

Walking Convenience

While you can’t change the location of your rental unit, considering walkability scores can help you plan your next property investment.

It’s important to think about how close your unit is to things like public transportation and major roads. How easily can you get to nearby businesses on foot?

These factors aren’t necessarily deal-breakers, but walkability is something renters are likely to consider before signing a lease agreement.

To avoid spending precious time on a long commute, renters look for properties near key facilities such as shopping areas, universities, and restaurants. Most renters value accessibility above all else, so finding tenants is much easier if your property has a good walkability score!

Secure and Safe Environment

The biggest advantage you can offer potential renters is security and safety. Feeling safe in one’s home is a primary concern for tenants. Adding safety features to your rental property is a great way to stand out in an increasingly competitive market!
Security Features
Gated access is fast becoming a sought-after amenity for prospective renters. Additionally, installing alarm systems and security cameras on your rental property can help tenants feel safer!

Many property owners use these amenities as a selling point during negotiations with potential tenants. At the very least, safety features add value to your investment and protect your property and tenants.

Usable Outdoor Spaces

Whether it's an outdoor fireplace or a private balcony, outdoor amenities are always in demand! Your Montgomery property can benefit from the inclusion of outdoor features.

Even space for a patio table and chairs can be critical to inspiring prospective tenants to rent your property. A place to hang out and enjoy a BBQ or read on a sunny day is something renters will appreciate.

Having an attractive exterior is a surefire way to grab renters’ attention. If they like what they see when they pull up to your rental unit, there’s a good chance they’ll want to rent your property!

Make sure your property looks tidy and inviting, with trimmed shrubs and a manicured lawn. If renters are attracted to the property’s exterior, they’re more likely to take note of its interior features —and hopefully, sign a lease!

Resident and Guest Parking

As more apartment buildings are replacing surface-level parking lots with underground structures, finding a place to park can be challenging. If you have plenty of parking available, make sure your renters know that they won’t have any trouble finding convenient parking spots!
Accessible Parking Montgomery
Additionally, many apartment complexes include assigned parking for their residents. While single-family unit owners don't need to assign parking spaces specifically for renters, adding extra parking spaces will attract tenants and make your rental property more desirable!


Are you looking to rent out your Montgomery property? If so, it’s important to make sure that your rental unit stands out when it comes to amenities and visual appeal.

To ensure prospective tenants are attracted to your property, why not hire an experienced property management company that can improve your Montgomery rental property's appeal!

Bottom Line

Our team at Southern Realm is well versed in property management and is ready to help you optimize your amenities so you can keep your best tenants!

For more information on our wide range of services, get in touch with us today!

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